Mark Wilson is an actor, filmmaker, and award winning magician, musician,nd composer with many years experience creating and producing music and working in the entertainment field in a variety of capacities.

Over the years his accomplishments have become numerous, starting in 1980 as a solo and ensemble performer on stage, and then as a jingle composer and studio musician.

In 1993 he went to work full time for Austin based – Human Code Inc. as their Lead Composer, and so began an ongoing association with the multimedia industry that continues to this day. The fact that he plays many instruments – including piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, trombone, and sings – helps him to create music in any style, a skill that he often relied on when he was contracted to create music for his first CD-ROM title in 1993, “The Cartoon History of the Universe”, which featured over 500 music cues and seven hours of music, and won numerous awards including a bronze New Media Invision award for “Best Audio Soundtrack” in 1996. Since Human Code’s demise in 2002, Mark has continued to create music and songs for award winning software titles and films, videos, radio, and television shows, including the Emmy-award winning series on PBS “Daytripper”. Mark has also scored many award winning short films, including “The Man Who Never Cried”, winner of the 2012 Doorpost Film Project online contest.

In addition to his on camera and voice over acting work, Mark has been performing magic and music professionally since 1980, and since 2009 he has performed as “Merlin The Wise” at Sherwood Forest Faire, where each year he continues to entertain the thousands of attendees to the festival with his own unique style of magic, music, and comedy, and he also performs music as a solo artist and with his 80s cover band Airwave 80s.