All RTF Workforce Degrees and Certificates have capstone class options which can include RTVB 2388 Internship, RTVB-1266 Field Experience Practicum, and/or RTVB 2340 Portfolio Development.

These classes class combines theory and practice through a real world training experience in the workplace. Internships can be set up with a variety of organizations, such as radio and television stations, film/video production companies, nonprofits, governmental agencies, or gaming/immersive media production studios. If planning for an internship, it’s recommended to consult with professors early on and explore these internship & job search tools to assist in the process.

Students can also explore Outside Opportunity Call Postings for more career opportunities.

ACC RTF has several application-based paid internship programs developed specifically with industry partners.

For film degree/certificate students: 

The Samsung & ACC RTF Video Production Internship Program.

Students learn to create training films at the Samsung semiconductor facility as part of a production team in a professional environment. This is a paid position from which students can go on to additional full-time contract work in semesters beyond, working with other RTF interns and alumni.

For TV degree/certificate students: 

ACC Community Media Track Program.

As part of the new ACC RTF & PBS Community Training Model, in future semesters a number of second year students will participate in a paid apprenticeship-style internship program, shadowing and working with PBS and ACC TV.