Creative Co-Labs Connect is a tool for student-driven collaborations (co-labs) that cultivates partnerships across classes and many different departments, from Game Design to Drama. Students can post or find projects, ranging from screenplays to virtual reality projects.

With the new creative digital media center at the Highland Campus, an interdisciplinary Creative Collaborative Labs Network is open to students/classes across as many as thirteen departments in the Arts & Digital Media & Communications Division (ADMC) and beyond through faculty, student, and community-driven collaborations.

This “Creative Co-Labs” program is building rich new intersections across disciplines virtually and in designated physical labs/creative studios to promote, enhance, and support creative collaboration.

For example, imagine the final results of an interdisciplinary “co-lab” (re: collaboration) at its simplest between an RTF Filmmaking Class, a Technical Theater Set Design Class, and a Music Technology Production Class. Between class weeks 4-8, the technical theater class practices set building with a set for use on a film class project. During weeks 12-15, the music students work with the RTF students on music for the film. During these overlaps, students learn skills across disciplines while enhancing each individual class. More complex collaborations will lead to other forms of projects, such as transmedia stories which extend across classes or multidisciplinary work on a single immersive media extended reality project!