I spent three months as Lead Trash Girl (aka Locations Assistant) on the set of Miss Congeniality. My first day of work, as I picked up errant soda cans, candy wrappers, and random script pages from the Pease Elementary playground; I came across a small scrap of paper. Penciled in prophetic words: “My Brother said you are a dumdass” [sic]

Following my stint in the Hollywood dream factory, I spent six years as Director of Artist Services at the Austin Film Society. I’ve been a Super-8 enthusiast, wedding video editor, volunteer at SXSW and Fantastic Fest, and, apparently, a dumdass.

My preoccupations include independent films (comedies and documentaries especially), character-driven television, noncommercial radio, and small yappy dogs.

I hold a MFA degree in Film Production from UT-Austin as well as a BS (!) in Radio-Television-Film from Syracuse University.


Elisabeth Sikes
Associate Adjunct Professor