Kevin Anderson
Technician, Audio/Visual Lab
(512) 223-4904

Raised in Houston, Kevin left to get his BFA in stage management from USC. After graduation, he remained in Los Angeles freelancing in film, television and, mostly, live shows. Sometimes working as an actor (Detective # 5, Soldier #2, Charlie the bartender) but predominantly behind the camera/backstage.

After a brief stint in San Diego managing events in the US and Europe, Kevin returned to Los Angeles to work for MGM Studios at the new This position entailed SQL programming, non-linear editing and video encoding chops. Skills which led directly to a similar position at MySpace after MGM was purchased by Sony Pictures and liquidated.

The MySpace gig quickly evolved into a PrEditor position. Producing and editing interviews w/ C and D list celebrities. After being laid off from MySpace when it went under, Kevin was laid off from a tiny 3-D production studio when that company closed shop (are we seeing a pattern here?). Kevin then decided 2014 was time to realize his life-long goal of moving to Austin. In 2017 he decided to leave Austin. Kevin now resides in Manor with aspirations of moving to Georgetown. Kevin does continue to work w/ the HollyShorts Film Festival back in Hollywood.