The Necessity of Truth:

A Contribution to the National Day of Racial Healing

Image above: Dave McClinton, Boothill, 2020, digital collage, 36 x 24 in. (detail)


The Necessity of Truth publication and video projects feature the work of Central Texas artists who explore themes of racial healing, social

justice, and cultural awareness.


The Necessity of Truth Print Books

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Related Events and Exhibitions
National Day of Racial Healing Artist Talks with taylor barnes and Luis Corpus

The Art Galleries at Austin Community College and the ACC Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center hosted a hybrid event in which Texas artists Luis Corpus and taylor barnes will talk about their artistic practices on January 18, 2024 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm in HLC 2.1550 on ACC Highland Campus.

This talk is held in conjunction with the 2024 National Day of Racial Healing. Both Luis Corpus and taylor barnes have collaborated with TAG on other projects for the National Day of Racial Healing at ACC, including the 2021 publication The Necessity of Truth.
taylor barnes is a contemporary fibers artist and ceramicist. Her work consists primarily of mixed media fibers techniques and charcoal on cloth. barnes work takes on subjects of spirituality, oral histories, power, and bell hooks philosophies of object and subject. Her figures being understood as her spiritual guides unbound by time, barnes is lead to construct spaces in which their discoveries of truth are to be revealed.
About Luis Corpus:
A native Texan from Corpus Christi and an educator and art instructor for over a decade, Corpus has observed the effects of immigration policy on his students’ lives over the long run as well as the racially-charged political rhetoric of recent years, situations that inspired him to begin this portrait series in 2017. Through his work, he pushes back against damaging stereotypes and harmful perceptions of Mexican-Americans, both in his community and across the country. 
Food, Shelter, Water: Projects from Four Texas Photographers

Food Shelter Water features the work of four Texas-based photographers who address themes related to our most basic human needs. Barriers to these resources reflect the baseline issues surrounding social justice and equity within American society and around the world. 

This exhibition is a collaboration between The Art Galleries (TAG) at Austin Community College and ACC’s Department of Professional Photography (The.DPP). 

This exhibition featured the work of four photographers, including Verónica G. Cárdenas, a documentary photographer, video-, and photojournalist based in McAllen, Texas. Their work documents the journeys of migrants and asylum seekers to the U.S border, and has been published in major publications, such as Reuters, The Texas Tribune, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Miñarro/McClinton: Negotiating Spaces

To find ways to function in contemporary society, many people of color feel compelled to alter, contort, or change their identities. This exhibition brings together the work of Bárbara Miñarro and Dave McClinton, two Central Texas artists with artistic practices that explore themes of race and equity in America. Through their artworks, they explore the body in space and how an awareness of physical stress on the human form can symbolize the challenges wrought by discrimination and injustice.

Bárbara Miñarro is a San Antonio based artist who produces textile and fiber artworks that reflect on tactile memories embedded in objects. Much of her work is connected to the lives of Mexican-American immigrants and notions of belonging and migration.

Dave McClinton is an Austin based artist whose artistic practice is a mixture of digital collage, painting, and photography. His work explores the history of the African-American experience and how that history continues to define aspects of Black life in America.