Sam Z. Coronado, Quince II, 2011, screen print, 44 x 35 in.


This exhibition highlights the wide-reaching influence of Sam Coronado (1946 – 2013) former ACC professor, artist mentor, and Chicano art movement icon. Coronado’s teachings and guidance made a lasting impact on Austin’s artistic community and many others beyond Texas borders. A substantial element to his legacy is the grant-funded Serie Project (1993-2013), which provided new opportunities for hundreds of emerging and established artists to learn screen-printing techniques by producing prints at Coronado Studio, located in the Austin neighborhood of Montopolis. 


Coronado’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and education reverberates through his work at the Serie Project, his time at ACC, and his mentorship to students. Coronado ensured that the high-quality works made at the studio were reproducible, affordable, and represented the viewpoints of undervalued communities. This exhibition demonstrates the far-reaching impacts and new opportunities that can be cultivated through persistence and dedication to the arts.

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Exhibition Highlights

Exploring Rasquache through Art

This short interactive guide highlights artworks in the Fall 2022 exhibition Cultivating Community through Art: Sam Coronado’s Serie Project and its Continuing Legacy to explore the Chicano Art concept of ‘rasquache.’ Through utilizing slow-looking, participants explore the method and deep cultural meaning behind rasquache. This guide is free and available to download below. 

Related Programming

TAG Tuesday Sessions
September 27, 2022 - Behind the Exhibition with Bernardo Diaz and Peter Bonfitto

Meeting Place: Gallery 2000 (HLC 2.2450)

This particular session invites visitors to learn more about the curatorial work behind this exhibition. During this session, Peter Bonfitto, Gallery Director at The Art Galleries, and Bernardo Diaz, Assistant Dean of Assessment & Planning for Arts & Digital Media, will discuss their planning process.

October 25, 2022 - Deep Dive into Screen printing with Brian Johnson and Jonathan Rebolloso

Meeting Place: Gallery 2000 (HLC 2.2450)

This particular session invites visitors to learn more about the process of screen printing from master printers Brian Johnson and Jonathan Rebolloso – two Coronado Studio printers for the Serie Project featured in our Fall 2022 exhibition Cultivating Community through Art: Sam Coronado’s Serie Project and its Continuing Legacy

November 8, 2022 - Exploring Myth and Lore through Art with Gary Moreno and Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz

Meeting Place: Gallery 2000 (HLC 2.2450) 

This TAG Tuesday session focuses on the use of myth and lore seen in the artworks in this exhibition. During this session, Gary Moreno, Professor of History and Director of Latino/Latin American Studies Center “El Centro”, and Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz, Professor of History at ACC and UT Austin, will dive into the mythological stories that some of the artists referenced in their prints.  

September 15, 2022 - Opening Reception

September 15, 2022

6:00pm – 8:00pm

This reception offers visitors a first glimpse into the exhibition which highlights the wide reaching influence Sam Coronado’s teachings had on Austin-based artists and those beyond the Texas borders. Please register here

December 1, 2022 - Artists in Conversation

This hybrid event is held in conjunction with the Fall 2022 exhibition Cultivating Community through Art: Sam Coronado’s Serie Project and its Continuing Legacy.

The following guests will join Gallery Director, Peter Bonfitto, on Thursday, December 1 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on ACC Highland Campus for this live-streamed and in-person roundtable event. 

Pepe Coronado, former master printmaker at Coronado Studio and founder of Coronado Print Studio in Montopolis, Austin

Alma Lopez, Serie Project artist and lecturer in the Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana/o and Central American Studies and LGBTQ Studies Program at UCLA

Tatiana Reinoza, art historian specializing in Chicano/a Studies and Assistant Professor of Art History at Notre Dame

Luis Valderas, multi-disciplinary artist from South Texas and Serie Project artist-in-residence

Please RSVP here


Limited Edition Exhibition Print

By Coronado Print Studios: $25

Available in Gallery 2000

(HLC 2.2450).

All proceeds go towards the Serie Project.

Venmo payments only to @serieproject

Please come to Gallery 2000 (HLC 2.2450) on ACC Highland Campus to pick up your print.