Serious about game play and interactive experiences? So are we!
The Game Design program is developed and taught by seasoned game industry veterans who have vast experience, skills, leadership, and inside-track know-how in game design, development and publishing. Learn the multidisciplinary skills and processes needed to cultivate a game from inception to execution to distribution to the gamer’s hands.

The Game Design courses emphasize the components necessary for the development of games. From design, programming, art, and music we teach the skills and principles necessary to be well-rounded designer. During students 2nd year the curriculum culminates in a team-based portfolio-building game project, where you will work shoulder to shoulder with like-minded students.

With An ACC Game Design Education…

You Can Become a:

  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Tester
  • Level Designer

You Will Learn:

  • Level Design and Layout
  • Level Scripting/Programming
  • Game Technologues (Engines and Editors)
  • Game Elements and Principles
  • Foundations in Art/Animation, Programming, and Audio
  • Game Testing
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Teamwork and Communication

You Will be Trained In:

  • Unity 5 3D Cross Platform Development Engine (PC, Mobile, VR)
  • C# Scripting/Programming Language
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Bugzilla Testing Tool and Database

Our Program & Courses

We offer both an Associate of Applied Science and Science and a Certificate in Game Design.

You can see all of the courses required for both the certificate and the associate’s degree by clicking the button below. Email Deanna Whaley at if you’d like a copy of our advising worksheet and general information about our program.

For further information and descriptions about the courses please visit the College Catalog: Course Descriptions.

Get Prepared For a Career in Game Design

Austin is a blossoming city for game design careers. Texas is the #2 ranking in employment of game development personnel. There are about 132 game companies in Texas and 82 of them in Austin according to The blend of gaming, technology, arts, film, music and cost of living make Austin one of the most attractive areas for game production.

Austin hosts some of the largest Conferences, Festivals and Gatherings opportunities for game developers to showcase the current games and trends, share knowledge, participate in workshops and network for new job opportunities in the industry, such as SXSW: Game Expo (South-by-South West), Austin Game Conference, Austin Game Developer Beer Night!, Classic Game Fest, IDGA, and many more.

Get in on the ground-floor of this young industry by learning from seasoned professionals at ACC who will give you the skills and tools to be successful.

Advising and Course Planning

From learning what Game Design is to scheduling your first semester of classes to preparing you for the job market, GDAMG advisors are here to help!

General ACC advisors are not always aware of changes to our degree plans, so please contact us to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

Email Deanna Whaley with any questions about our programs.