3D Animation

Are you intrigued by the 3D character and creature animation in games, movies and commercials?
Want to learn more about making a warrior jump and roll or a monster crawl on all fours? We have a program that teaches you how to prepare characters for animation and then make them come alive.

In our program you will learn all about animation, animation principles and keyframing. The soul of the curriculum is character animation but you will learn to animate anything. You will develop game ready animation assets as well as create story based, cinematic animations. There are other elements packed into the program as well to ensure that you are a well rounded artist. You will explore technical concepts like rigging and character setup, basic lighting, rendering & compositing among many other industry skills and trends.

With An ACC 3D Animation Education…

You Can Become a:

  • Animator
  • Rigger
  • Technical Animator
  • Pre-Viz Artist

You Will Learn:

  • Key Frame Animation
  • The 12 Principles of Animation
  • Generalist CG Skills
  • Character Rigging
  • Pre-Visualization​

You Will Be Trained In:

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3DsMax
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Our Program & Courses

We offer both an Associate of Applied Science and Science and a Certificate in 3D Animation.

You can see all of the courses required for both the certificate and the associate’s degree by clicking the button below. Email Deanna Whaley at dwhaley@austincc.edu if you’d like a copy of our advising worksheet and general information about our program.

For further information and descriptions about the courses please visit the College Catalog: Course Descriptions.

Get Prepared For a Career in 3D Animation

A career in 3D Animation offers a variety of opportunities to explore new ideas and new places. The market is wide and vast. You could end up anywhere from the home of feature films, games, or tv. Many animators choose to work on contract projects that allow them to work from home.


“ACC’s Animation Program gave me the tools and skills I needed to be successful in the animation industry.”

William Vera
Animator, Sledgehammer Games

Advising and Course Planning

From learning what 3D Animation is to scheduling your first semester of classes to preparing you for the job market, GDAMG advisors are here to help!

General ACC advisors are not always aware of changes to our degree plans, so please contact us to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

Email Deanna Whaley with any questions about our programs.


Featured Portfolios

Collin Turner
Ian Carpenter
Duy Chung
Cassie Toader