Community And Industry

The Game Development, Animation and Motion Graphics Department is part of ACC’s workforce education. We’re training students in practical skills to help them find employment when they graduate. We value community and business partnerships which support the success of our students and the quality of our instruction.

Our curriculum is developed and taught by dedicated faculty who also work professionally in their areas of expertise. The curriculum is approved by Advisory Boards comprised of local industry professionals from each area of specialization. Our degrees and course content are frequently reviewed to ensure that we teach the most current and marketable skills.

In this section are links to several ways the Austin community and local industry can connect with us, benefiting the students and the community.

Become an Industry Partner

Industry Partner’s can choose how involved they are within the department whether they are representing a company or independently. Once a year the advisory board meets to discuss new development and techniques to teach within our curriculum. These members bring their knowledge from industry to shape our curriculum to meet the new standards that come out. Additionally partners are able to mentor students in class, jams, and portfolio critiques. They may also attend career fairs, student shows, and guest speak at events on campus.

We look forward to connecting with you. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us at Austin Community College.

Post a Job

If there is a job opportunity at your business, we are happy to assist you in getting the word out. Let us know details and we will email an announcement to Game Design, Game Art, Animation and Motion Graphics students. Students contact employer directly and are not pre-approved by an instructor. Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Austin Community College. We look forward to helping you find qualified candidates for your positions.

Please email Deanna Whaley at [email protected]

Post an Internship

Looking for an intern? There are many advantages when students participate in an internship, including acquiring “real-world” work experience and developing useful employment contacts.

Class Credit Internship: There are several criteria to consider, the first of which is your time frame. We offer a for-credit internship course which follows the ACC academic schedule for spring, summer and fall semesters (16 weeks in spring and fall, 11 weeks in the summer). If the internship is unpaid, students work a minimum of 12 hours, and no more than 18 hours per week. If you pay an intern, you and the student can determine how many hours he or she will work.

To be approved to take this class, the student will need to have completed at least 30 hours toward a degree or certificate in the Game Design, Game Art, Animation and Motion Graphics department. Interns are available in the areas of Graphic Design and Production, Game Design/Art or Web and Interactive Design.

If you interview and accept one of our intern students, you and the student will develop objectives for the student to meet by the end of the semester. During the course of the semester, the student must be supervised by someone in the workplace who will assist the student in the acquiring of skills that will benefit them professionally in their area of study. At the end of the semester the student submits a work report to the course instructor and receives a grade for the class.

Non Credit Internships: Occasionally companies contact Game Design, Game Art, Animation and Motion Graphics with an internship position that doesn’t follow ACC’s academic schedule or is for a short-term project. These unofficial internships may still benefit a Game Design, Game Art, Animation and Motion Graphics student, and an email announcement is sent to students through their voluntary participation in iContact marketing.

A few things employers should consider about unofficial internships:

  • Student contacts employer directly and is not pre-approved by an instructor
  • Student does not receive class credit
  • Meeting the guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act that governs internships is entirely up to the employer. Download this fact sheet for more information.

For either type of internship, we’ll need more information about what you are looking for. Please fill out this short questionnaire, we’ll send a confirmation email within one week of receipt.