Nicholas Dertien, is an Austin based artist, educator, and small business owner. After completing his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009, Nicholas set up a private sculpture studio in Austin. He has exhibited work in Marfa, Seattle, Austin, Providence, and New York. Over the past decade, Nicholas’s major studio themes have focused on visually representing the sensation of breath, asthma, and the eroding of the physical body. In 2015, Nicholas launched Visual Ministry Consulting, an organization that strives to create visually vibrant experiences for local worshiping communities. Nicholas is an adjunct faculty member at Austin Community College and Concordia University Texas, where he teaches courses on drawing, design, glassmaking, photography and ceramics. As an educator Nicholas believes that creating a “non-fear-based learning environment” is critical for creative studio courses. Within this learning environment, students learn to use a discovery-based practice, which promotes design-development processes and critiques as tools for positive growth. His teaching philosophy can be found on his website. Nicholas lives and works in south Austin with his wife and four sons.

Courses Taught
ARTS 1311 Design I
ARTS 1316 Drawing I
ARTS 1317 Drawing II

Adjunct Assistant Professor