Haydeé Victoria Suescum is a visual artist and teacher living in San Antonio since 1988. For the past twenty years her work has explored the painting style of vernacular signage in her native Panama, as well as Mexico and south Texas. The imagery on the walls of shops (tiendas), such as beauty parlors, hardware stores, butcher shops, restaurants, and auto repair shops, has especially resonated with her and become a focus of her artistic practice. Victoria first studied academic painting techniques and art history at Wellesley College, and furthered her studies at the New York Studio School and The University of Texas in San Antonio. She has exhibited her work in Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Korea, Panama, Peru, and throughout the United States. Victoria participated in the 50th Venice Biennale (2003), and has received numerous distinctions including an artist residency at the MacDowell in Peterborough, NH. Since 2006, she has been at ACC teaching studio art courses in painting, drawing, and life drawing.

Courses Taught
ARTS 1316 Drawing I
ARTS 2323 Life Drawing I
ARTS 2316 Painting I
ARTS 2317 Painting II



Museo en las Calles (Museum in the Streets)
Faculty Spotlight: Haydeé Victoria Suescum