Online Learning Lab and Communication Studies

The ACC Learning Labs are a great resource for our students to maximize their success in their ACC courses, and success in coursework maximizes student retention at ACC. The Learning Labs offer free tutoring in subjects such as communication studies, mathematics, foreign languages, physics, English, music, developmental studies, and many more.

Scheduling an Online Tutoring Session:

To access the free online tutoring services, students may visit the Tutoring Schedule website to find tutor campus-affiliations, schedules, and hours.  Then, using the Online Tutoring Request Form, students will enter their name, ACCeID, ACC Gmail address, campus location, and subject course, and may also request a session time and a tutor by name.  

Once a tutor answers a ticketing request, students will receive a Gmail message that indicates their appointment time and a link for accessing the live session, which uses a whiteboard, chat box, and audio.  Students may also share documents with their tutor through Google Drive.

Free up your office hours and encourage your students to visit Dr. Kevin Clark, a tutor at NRG for five years and ACC’s only Communication Studies professor-tutor, for help with public-speaking assignments such as speech topics, outlines, and presentations; interpersonal assignments such as empathetic listening and assertive communication; and small-group assignments such as team research and problem-solving.  Students often feel more comfortable asking for help from someone other than their professor, and professors have commented that offering class credit or extra credit means students are more likely to visit the learning lab.  In addition, research demonstrates that students who visit a learning lab more than twice a semester typically have a GPA that is 1.0 higher than the college average!