All honors courses are limited to 15 students. For more information or to apply, go to the ACC Honors website.

SPCH 1311: Introduction to Speech – Identity, Sex, Gender & Culture in Communication:

Take a step further into being a cosmopolitan member of the emerging world culture. Music, food, sports, fashion, how to say hello, family, work: it’s all culture and how we communicate about it. Study how culture influences communication in contemporary society. This course examines differences in communication of cultural diversity. Topics include: identity, constructing differences and similarities of self and others, ethnocentrism, gender, emerging cultural trends, transcultural communities, cross cultural interactions, language, and the cultural influence of media and technology of global culture. For more information about this course, please contact instructor Gretchen Harries.


SPCH 1315: Public Speaking – Environment, Rights, Humanitarianism & the Rhetoric of Change:

As with other Honors courses, the course is limited to 15 students, creating the ideal speaking workshop to help you develop your own personal public speaking style.  This is the class that unveils the public speaker in you.  Student speeches and speech artifacts focus on the the Rhetoric of Change and making a difference by presenting speeches as a concerned citizen.  Pick your cause; have a voice.  Speech elements include:  personal presentational style, confidence building, the elements of presentational public speaking, informative speeches, persuasive speeches, special occasion speeches, and preparing presentations (including research, organization, introductions and conclusions, audience analysis, listening, presentational critiques, and presentational credibility). For more information about this course, please contact instructor Gretchen Harries.