Student Experience

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What to Expect as a VisCom Student

First off, you belong — no matter your background, experience, or circumstances. Each student brings potential, and, nurtured by experienced instructors, they will develop the skills needed to pursue one goal: becoming the best in a creative career. The flexibility and value of Visual Communication’s programs makes reaching that goal possible.

Your Learning Experience

Hands-on Classes

You’ll work with the tools used by today’s creative professionals and take studio and lab courses that mirror professional design environments. This practical path will enable you to compete in the job market, where, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for design occupations ($49,600) is higher than that of all occupations ($41,950).

Internship Opportunities

ACC’s Visual Communication department has long been part of the creative fabric of the Austin area. Our reputation in the local professional community opens doors for a variety of internships in agency, corporate, and nonprofit environments. And in our internship class, you can get credit while building real-world work experience.

What Do Students Make?

Check out our graduate gallery website to see the kind of work you’ll make as a Viscom student!

“I never really had a professor cheer for me when I got something right until I came here. I’ve been to other schools where they had a career department but never really helped me until I came to ACC.”

—Erin Murphy, UX Student

Extensive Student Resources

Financial Support

Advising and Tutoring

Help is always available with tutoring options, accessible advisors, and a high-quality counseling program.

The exterior of ACC Highland with a crane dropping in the final letter D in the sign that says Highland

New, Custom-Designed Highland Campus

Our department is based at Highland Campus, the ACC creative careers flagship site, accessible from around Austin and surrounding areas. Recently updated to keep the department aligned with the needs of a creative student body, your ACC home is on the MetroRail Red Line (free for students) and has ample parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are required courses offered?

Courses are scheduled to be convenient to the largest number of students and make the best use of instructors’ availability. While every course is not offered every semester, your program’s recommended path allows flexibility to meet course requirements in different semesters so you can make continuous progress.

Do course credits transfer to a four-year college or university?

Some students plan to continue their education at the university level. Since accepted transfer credit varies by institution, students are encouraged to work with an advisor to understand requirements. Learn more at University Information, Transfer Guides, & Course Equivalencies.