User Experience Design

Do you always wish you could make apps easier to use?

The digital world depends on high-quality user experience (UX), a skillset named among the top-ten most in-demand by LinkedIn. In this growing field, UX designers make decisions about how the apps and websites we use every day work and behave.

You’ll learn to plan, map out, and test the structure and interface of digital experiences of all kinds.

This program follows a Fall-start schedule.
Available as an A.A.S. Degree or Certificate

I found the perfect fit when I realized I could build a career out of my two favorite things: research and problem solving.

—Jesse Beaman, User Experience Alumnus

Launch your career as a professional…

  • UX designer
  • UX strategist
  • UX researcher
  • Product designer
  • Information architect
  • UI designer

Some Skills You’ll Learn

Information Architecture

Explore systems of organization, categorization, and labeling of content, functions, and features. Design artifacts such as site structure, navigation and wayfinding systems, and search systems.

Product Design

Learn about best practices, problem and product validation through research, and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics.

Software and Tools

Instruction in image editing, design principles, prototyping and collaboration techniques with tools best suited to user experience design. Programs explored include Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Mural.

User Interface Design

Explore interface design patterns and standards for web apps, native mobile apps, enterprise software, and conversational UI. Practice and apply UI patterns via sketching and design challenges.

Design Research

Conduct user interviews, usability tests, analyze data, and synthesize findings into understandable design recommendations and presentations.

Interaction Design

Study the psychology of design, including the roles of cognition, perception, memory, vision, and feelings in digital design.

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