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College Credit and Transfers FAQ

I have college credit. How can I apply it to my program?

If you have completed a degree from another college, you should email student.records@austincc.edu and request for your transcript(s) to be evaluated for credit. If you have standalone credits (no degree) from another college, then your credits will automatically be evaluated after you complete your first semester at ACC.

Once your credits are evaluated for credit, email Zoe Dahmen at zoe.dahmen@austincc.edu to review your credits and what courses may transfer over.

I read the course description for a class, and it seems like I already learned the class content either through a college class, work experience, or otherwise. Do I need to take this class?

We take these questions on a case-by-case basis. Please email Zoe Dahmen at zoe.dahmen@austincc.edu to see what your options are. If you have college credit for a course, it may be possible for us to transfer that college credit or high school articulation credit to the program you’re pursuing at ACC.

If you have work experience demonstrating the learning outcomes for a class, then we can put you in contact with an instructor to review your skills and determine how to move forward based on examples of your work.

I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree. What are my options?

It’s important to note that our programs are all Associates of Applied Science (AAS). These credits may not transfer to a traditional four-year college. We recommend for our students to research bachelor degree programs that may accept AAS college credits. Bachelors of Applied Arts or Science (BAAS) are more likely to accept our AAS credits because they’re the same type of credit.

ACC has partnerships with a couple of universities that will accept our AAS credits:

Stephen F. Austin State University BAAS Options

  • General Business
  • Public Administration
  • Industrial Technology
  • Communication Studies and Multidisciplinary Studies

St. Edwards University BA Options

  • User Experience Design

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