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Classes and Registration FAQ

Who can I talk to about issues with registration?

You can see instructions on how to register here. If you’re having issues, please email helpdesk@austincc.edu with your student ID and any relevant information or screenshots of the issue you’re encountering.

If you need departmental permission to take a class (the internship class, for example), then please email amccull@austincc.edu with your student ID and the class you are trying to take.

The class I need is full. What can I do?

Put yourself on the waitlist for that class. You can do this in the Plan and Schedule page in the Student Self-Service portal by adding the class to your plan as normal. Then click the blue “Waitlist” button that will appear under the class name. You’ll know that you are successfully on the waitlist if that blue button says “Drop Waitlist.”

The ACC registration system will automatically email the first person on the waitlist when a seat opens up in the class. That person has 24 hours to register for the class. If they do not register, then the next person on the waitlist will receive an email to register and so forth until that seat is filled or the waitlist has cycled through. You need to check your ACC email every day to watch for a notification as these email notifications can come any day of the week, holidays included.

As a note, our waitlists allow a maximum of 8 students. So once there are 8 students on the list, then no one is able to add themselves to the waitlist until a spot opens (someone gets a seat in the class or someone takes themselves off of the waitlist).

What do I do if I receive an email saying a course is ineligible for financial aid?

Don’t panic! Please email Zoe Dahmen at zoe.dahmen@austincc.edu to double check whether there is a substitution that can be made so financial aid will cover the class.

How do I withdraw from a class? Are there any consequences to withdrawing?

There are many things to consider before dropping a class. Dropping a class could affect your financial aid or veteran’s benefits, and your academic standing. Undergraduates are also limited to 6 drops or withdrawals during their entire academic career at Texas public schools (by state law). Please see the college’s full list of potential consequences for more details.

If you decide to drop a class after reading that list, read over these instructions on how to withdraw from a course.

You may also want to schedule an advising appointment if you’re unsure of what you should do.

What is an incomplete grade? Am I eligible for one?

We understand that life happens. If something happens during the semester that keeps you from completing the class, and you are in good standing according to your syllabus, then you may request an incomplete grade from your instructor. An incomplete grade is an instructor-granted deadline extension beyond the end of the semester to complete any missing or unfinished work.

Check your syllabus to see if you are eligible for an incomplete, and then contact your instructor for guidance on your options.

I’m having an issue with my instructor or a classmate. Who can I talk to?

If you have any conflicts, you are highly encouraged to contact your instructor directly. If your problem is unresolved, you may contact our department chair, Josiah Spence, at josiah.spence@austincc.edu.

As an ACC student, you have the rights accorded by the U.S. Constitution to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, petition, and association. You can learn more at the student rights and responsibilities page.

What will happen if I sign up for a class for which I don’t have the prerequisites?

You will be dropped by the instructor if you haven’t emailed them previously for permission.

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