MikeMike Fonseca received his bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from North Texas in 1999 and his Master’s in Jazz performance from UT in 2016. Since his move to Austin in 2000. Mike has played and toured with various Indie-Rock and Jazz groups. Mike has taught various classes at ACC since he started back in 2012. He has taught Music Appreciation, Small Commercial Music Ensemble, and starting this semester, American Music. Mike’s passion has always been private percussion lessons. While his main focus is on drumset, he also teaches keyboard percussion as well as timpani. Mike has had experience in both Samba school and Maracatu styles of drumming and would like to start those types of ensembles at ACC one day. When Mike is not teaching or performing, you can find him composing music for his solo Avant-Garde-Metal project Huelga or doing interviews for Metal Utopia.