Departmental  Advisors

Music majors should meet with a Departmental Advisor before registering for classes.

Area of Study Advisors

Find the Arts, Digital Media & Communications Area of Study Advisor located at your campus in the list below. Email or call ahead to schedule an appointment. To maximize academic advising:

Campus Region Advisor Main Phone
Highland Central Marshall Uhlig 512-223-3140
Highland Central Heather Beels 512-223-7324
Rio Grande Central Tony Wright 512-223-3065
Eastview Central Jason Brown 512-223-5157
Elgin Central Rebecca Zapata 512-223-9418
Distance Education Districtwide Gia Jones 512-223-0413
Cypress Creek North Beau Montano 512-223-2292
San Gabriel North John Wooten 512-223-2542
Northridge North Mary (Lee) Reichardt 512-223-4877
Northridge North Priscilla Nino 512-223-4939
Round Rock North Patricia Beck 512-223-0038
Northridge North Samantha Thomson 512-223-4885
Round Rock North Cary Rodriguez 512-223-0035
Riverside South Olga Eckert 512-223-6319
Hays South Annette Hernandez 512-262-6532
South Austin South Diana Hernandez-Quinonez 512-223-9160
Riverside South Jody Klinger 512-223-6012