Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

Audio Engineering
This degree plan is centered around the recording studio and music production.
Jobs include: Studio Engineer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Radio Production, A/V Technician, Producer.
Award Plan, Program Map

Digital Composition
Focusing on creating all types of music and sound with your computer.
Jobs include: Sound Designer, Music Composer, Live Performer, DJ, Producer.
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Live Sound and Stage Production
This degree concentrates on running live sound and stage production for music festivals, events, and live sound venues.
Jobs include: Live Sound Engineer, FOH Engineer, Monitor mixer, Tour Manager, Guitar/Drum/Bass Technician, Lighting Engineer, Musical Equipment Repair
Award Plan, Program Map

Music Business
A great option for students interested in working in the areas of music business.
Jobs include: Marketing & PR, Publishing, Booking Agent, Talent Buyer, Artist Management, Artist Relations.
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Music Business, Performance + Technology (General Degree) 
A degree designed for students taking multiple classes from various degree plans. This plan offers the most flexibility for our students.
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Certificate Programs


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