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Class and Programs FAQ

What is the difference between a program map, a catalog, and my major?

All of these words are often used interchangeably at ACC, but there are subtle differences.

Your major is what you’ve decided to study i.e. Graphic Design, User Experience Design, etc.

Your program is the award you are aiming to achieve—so either a degree or a certificate. This is tied to your major. For example, you may be pursuing a Graphic Design associate’s degree.

A program map is the list of courses that you need to graduate on that program. There is a new program map for each academic year.

Catalog year refers to the academic year that you started your program. For example, if you started classes in Fall 2020, then that is considered the 2020–2021 academic year. So your catalog would be the 2020–2021 catalog (2021 for short).

How can I see what program map, major, or catalog I’m on?

You can check what program map you are on the ACC website under Self Service > Student Planning > View Progress > At a Glance. This will tell you your declared major, as well as the catalog year you are on.

How can I change my degree plan, program map, or major?

You can request for your program or major to be changed by emailing highland-advising@austincc.edu.

Get advised! One of the best things you can do to help yourself along your path as a student is to see one of our advisors.

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