You’ll find many common questions answered here. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Do I have to be a current ACC student to audition for choir?
No. Non-ACC students may sign up through the Continuing Education Department. High school students can sign up through the Early College Start Program.

How much does it cost to join choir?
It is only a one credit class, so it is very inexpensive. If you are in district, last semester it was only $134 for the semester. You can check out this link for more info about tuition. There are no additional choir fees (music, books, etc.).

How and where do I audition?
Check out the audition section on the degrees and courses page.

How many concerts do the choirs perform?
There are usually 2 main concerts per semester, which are held in various locations in the Austin area, and may be additional performances in the community.

Is there an age limit?
No. Singers of high school age and above participate in the choral program. We have had singers from 17 to 60 years old participate in choir.

Is choir a year long commitment?
We prefer that singers sing for the entire year, but there is no formal commitment. We hold auditions year round, and it is even possible to join mid-semester through Continuing Education.